FFA Agronomy CDE Teaching Collections

Please note that the species included in our kits may vary from kit to kit but will always fit within the guidelines of the FFA Entomology CDE course outlined for the National Competition, Oregon, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, California (Agronomy), California (Agricultural Pests), or California (Vegetable crop pests).

Our kits include most but not all specimens within the official FFA lists as some species we currently lack in our stock.

Here you can find the lists outlining what we have and highlighting the few species we are lacking at the moment (but we are always updating kits and trying to fill in the missing gaps).

National included species

Oregon included species

Tennessee included species

Kentucky included species

Michigan included species

North Carolina included species

California (Vegetable crop pests) included species

California (Agronomy) included species

California (Agricultural Pests) included species

FFA Agronomy Teaching Collections are available as “papered” and “mounted specimens”. 

–Papered collections are available to ship quickly as these do not require additional preparation time. These specimens either come in alcohol vials or as dry, packaged specimens.

–Mounted specimen collections come mounted in riker-style displays for easy viewing by students. Please allow adequate time for your collection to break pinned and dry as these kits are made-to-order.

Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Attribute: Vetri Vignesh

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