Preservation Upgrades

Pinning Styles


Priced “as is”

Specimens are shipped folded in waxpaper envelopes or packaged, for you to pin how you wish.

Pinned (Museum Style)

+ $12 each

Specimens come pinned in a standard, simple, style, with typed label, and pinned according to common collection styles (but if you prefer something specific, please describe or send a photo of the style you want).

All small specimens which will be point mounted fall within this category.

Pinned (Natural Flat)

+ $12 each

Specimen is pinned flat but can be prepared in your desired arrangement (please specify in notes box on your order form how you want your specimen pinned). You can also email us a photo of your desired position you are looking for.

Pinned (3D Natural/Custom)

$18 each

The style depends on the insect, so please specify your desired arrangement. Such as “I want a grasshopper pinned like it is climbing a branch”, “I want a beetle with wings out in flight or pinned flat with wings spread”.

If we have questions about your description, we will email you requesting an example photo, so we make sure we pin your specimen exactly how you want it done!

Riker or Custom Framing

Due to the variable size of specimens, I will contact you to discuss the cost of framing.