Taxonomic Adjustments

Taxonomic Adjustments

Taxonomic adjustments/ typos in need of correcting

Have you found a typo in our catalog? Every now and then we still find them, and we are sure there are a great deal more hidden within! If you ever come across a typo, we would love to hear from you.

With ~12,000 species cataloged it is impossible for us to keep up with taxonomic adjustments/corrections made by the scientific community. If you ever find that we are using an out-of-date name, please let us know! 

As we are not taxonomic experts on every single insect group, we cannot guarantee that everything we are offering is identified correctly (although we do try to run identifications by experts every chance we get!). So, if you ever receive a specimen from us and you find it is misidentified please let us know.

Additionally, within this collection are many thousand specimens which are unidentified and not listed for sale within our catalog. If you are an expert on any particular taxonomic group and would be willing to look over photos of unidentified specimens from all over the world, please let us know. Not only will you be helping us to expand the collection offerings, but you also then geta first pass at buying specimens before they are added to the catalog and available to the general public.

Any/all edits are welcome and would be much appreciated.

Royce Cumming