Urban Pest Entomology Teaching Collection 

Approximately 56% of the world’s population, ~4.4 billion inhabitants, live in cities. Accompanying those inhabitants are countless insects which are considered pests, biting, stinging, annoying, and destroying human property on a global scale.  

From the air we breathe to the beds we sleep in, there are few aspects of life untouched by insects and arthropods, and it’s not always for the better. In addition to the significant harm urban pests can inflict on human health, there’s also the extensive damage they can inflict on homes, factories, hospitals and property.

Once urban pests like ants, bed bugs, and termites make themselves at home, they can be notoriously difficult to remove. For example, a bed bug infestation may result in a hotel losing money on replacement bedding and furniture, structural cleaning and insurance claims. While large businesses and hotel chains may be able to shrug off these costs, that’s simply not a reality for families dealing with a pest infestation. For poor families disproportionally affected by pests, paying hundreds of dollars to treat an infestation may not be an option. Therefore, the study and treatment of urban pests is of paramount importance with millions spent annually on prevention and treatment. 

Included within this kit are 30 specimens representing some of the most common insect species that are considered urban pests. Many of the included species are found globally thanks to anthropization, therefore these kits are useful to a global audience, from students to professionals alike. 



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