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Insects are incredibly important organisms for healthy ecosystems, but unfortunately they are also our greatest adversaries when it comes to food production. An estimated 19.7 billion USD is spent annually on pest management to combat insect damage to food production and an estimated 20–40% of all crops are lost annually due to insect damage. 

This is why the National FFA Organization as part of their instrumental education for the next generation of leaders feeding the country requires entomology be taught in many of their programs and in some states even implements an insect identification challenge.

Our kits are designed for teachers to train students with actual specimens to facilitate hands-on learning designed for the FFA Entomology CDE competitions.

Please note that the species included in our kits may vary from kit to kit but will always fit within the guidelines of the FFA course. And despite possible variability, all specimens will be identified and a key to specimens will be included for instructors to allow easy confirmation of student identifications. 

At present our FFA Entomology Teaching Kits are specifically designed for New Mexico, Missouri, Texas, and Kansas but if you have an insect list for your own state which differs from these, please email royce@bioquipbugs.com to request a FFA kit be custom created for your state! 

Our kits include most but not all specimens within the official FFA lists as some species we currently lack in our stock. Here you can find the custom lists outlining what we have and highlighting the few species we are lacking at the moment (but we are always updating kits and trying to fill in the missing gaps).

Missouri Collection Included Specimens

Texas Collection Included Specimens

New Mexico Collection Included Specimens

Kansas Collection Included Specimens

FFA Teaching Collections are available as “papered” and “mounted specimens”. 

–Papered collections are available to ship quickly as these do not require additional preparation time. 

–For mounted specimen collections, because of how many specimens need to be pinned, please allow 3 months for us to pin, dry, and label all specimens for you. Mounted specimen collections come mounted in riker-style displays for easy viewing by students.

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