Sell Your Collection

Sell Your Collection

Looking to sell your insect collection? We buy insect collections!

Have you inherited an insect collection and don’t know what to do with it? Looking to pass your collection along for others to enjoy? Or simply liquidating a portion of your collection to focus on something else? We can help!

Over the years one of the ways in which the BioQuipBugs collection has become so diverse is through the purchase of insect collections which were decades in the making by passionate entomologists from across the United States. Any and all types of insect collections are welcomed and of interest to us (pinned, papered, slide mounted, wet collections, etc.).

Besides supplying artists, researchers, universities, teachers, and museums around the world, we are also building a BioQuipBugs Permanent Reference Collection where a representative of every species is kept and will be photographed to be made available to researchers around the world.

If you would like your collection to become part of the 58-year legacy of the BioQuipBugs collection, please reach out to us at