Specimen Exchange Program

Specimen Exchange Program

Looking for a discount on your next order?

Do you have surplus specimens from your local collecting trips or even your backyard?

BioQuipBugs might be interested in adding these to our collection/available stock!

Even with ~12,000 species available we are always aiming to add more diversity to the collection and the best way to do so is through our plethora of entomologist customers such as yourself!

Specimens offered to us must be:

  • Individually packaged, papered, in vials, pinned, or field pinned
  • Have accurate collection data (at least date and location)
  • Be in perfect or near perfect condition
  • There must be at least 5 specimens per species
  • Specimens must at least be identified to genus level (but species identification is preferred)

Please contact royce@bioquipbugs.com with your available species and photos of your specimens.

ALL SPECIES ARE OF INTEREST TO US, be it bedbugs, ants, beetles, moths, flies, etc.

We are especially interested in species we do NOT currently have listed on our online catalog as we are interested in increasing the diversity of our species offered.