Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Collection Data:

99% of our specimens come with accurate collection data which is included with every specimen to ensure that they maintain their scientific value.

Bulk Discounts Available:

Discounts will be applied after stock has been reviewed (as we might not have every requested species available in bulk). During checkout you will be charged the full price of the specimen, and following our stock check, where applicable, a partial refund will be issued to reflect the bulk quantity discount if your order applies.

  • 50 of one species = 5% off of that species
  • 100 of one species = 10% off of that species
  • 150+ of one species = 15% off of that species

Stock Shortage Automatic Refund:

Unfortunately, over the decades while the BioQuipBugs collection has been growing, an accurate stock quantity was not kept. Therefore, for every order placed we must review the collection and see if we have the quantity you have requested. In some cases, we may have only 1 specimen left or 1,000+ of a single species.

If you order an amount that is higher than we currently have on hand, once we have pulled your order and know how many we have of that species, if we fall short of how many you requested you will be automatically refunded for the overpaid balance. With ~3 million specimens we are always working towards correcting our available stock. Thank you for your understanding.

Sales Tax:

Sales tax will be collected for orders delivered only to California. BioQuipBugs does not have tax nexus in other states at this time.


Shipment will be made as quickly as possible following receipt of your quote, however, please note that this company is being run part time only and shipments are only made one week out of every month. Unfortunately, that means if you order during the “off” time your order may be up to 3 weeks delayed from your time of order (and alternately if you order at the right time your order may arrive rather quickly!). We are sorry for this inconvenience at this time.

Domestic Minimum Order:


International Minimum Order & Terms:


Dear International Customers, BioQuipBugs follows all United States import/export regulations, however, it is your responsibility to know and follow the import laws regarding specimens* for your own country. We are happy to work with you to ensure all packages we send will comply with your import process. BioQuipBugs is not liable for issues of import resulting from your failure to comply with the laws of your country.

For international exports we must follow USDA and USFWS export regulations and guidelines including inspections and inspection/export fees. Any parcel which is not being shipped to a United States based address is subject to these criteria. 

In order for reduce export costs of shipping to international addresses, we ship three International packages at a time via our international broker. This means your international order may not be able to be shipped right away while we wait for several additional international orders to be received and processed. Thankfully this often results in reduced shipping costs than what is estimated below. In the case that you overpay in shipping, we will refund you the overpaid amount.

Shipping from BioQuipBugs headquarters to our international broker$30
USFWS inspection fee$93
USFWS broker fee $120
FedEx direct shipping from Los Angeles, CA to your international address (estimate**)$100

We sincerely apologize for these extreme shipping expenses, but we are very strict about following all laws and regulations to ensure all offerings are 100% legal for us and you the customer. Thank you for your understanding.

*These export guidelines only apply to specimen orders. All books and gift cards are exempt from these high fees, and we will contact you to refund any shipping costs for books over what is paid.

**These costs are estimates, the actual shipping cost depends on the size of your order as larger boxes may cost more to ship and some countries may be more expensive to ship to. Either way we will contact you to discuss shipping and whether your export may be more expensive or cheaper and require a partial refund.

Pinned Specimen Requests:

For pinned specimen requests please allow extra time as adequate time will be required to pin the specimen and allow for them to dry before they can be shipped to you. As BioQuipBugs is only operated on a part-time basis for 1 week out of each month this means that if the specimen is pinned for you one month, it will not be able to be shipped until the following month. For small sets of specimens (1 to 10) we can attend to these quickly, however, for large kits of 100+ specimens please allow several months for us to pin and prepare all specimens.


BioQuipBugs utilizes Stripe payment processor (https://stripe.com) to keep your payment information private and secure. Your payment method will be encrypted with SSL Certificate Technology to protect your personal information. Your credit card information is never accessible to BioQuipBugs and is never stored within our system.

For established institutional accounts, billing terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. A service charge of 1.5% per month will be added to invoices not paid within payment terms. Shipments are F.O.B. King City, California. Title to merchandise transfers to customer at time of shipment.

Claims For Shortage / Damage:

All shipments are packed carefully by our experienced shipping staff. A packing list is included with each shipment. The following instructions must be followed so that any problem regarding damage or shortage can be corrected promptly.

Do not discard cartons or packing material as small items may be overlooked when unpacking. Check specimens against packing list. If there is a shortage or error, contact us by email (royce@bioquipbugs.com). If the shipping carton is received in damaged condition, photograph the damaged parcel before opening so the carrier service can be alerted. Do not discard cartons or packing materials as they need to be available if an inspection is necessary. Do not return damaged items prior to obtaining a return authorization number and instructions from our office. All shipments are shipped insured.

BioQuipBugs.com is not responsible for damage during transit to delicate extremities, including antennae and legs. We pack as well as we can, but given the fragile nature of insect specimens, we cannot guarantee their arrival in perfect condition despite our best efforts.

Returns Policy:

No merchandise may be returned for credit or refund without prior authorization and Return Authorization (RA) number from our office (contact royce@bioquipbugs.com). Merchandise returned without authorization will be refused. Returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. No credit or refund will be issued until specimens in question have been received and assessed.


All photos on BioQuipBugs.com are the property of BioQuipBugs, King City, California (except for these images used under Creative Commons licenses) and are not to be used without the express permission of BioQuipBugs owner Royce Cumming (royce@bioquipbugs.com).