Veterinary Entomology Teaching Collection 

Veterinary entomology deals with arthropod pests and disease vectors to livestock, poultry, pets, and wildlife. 

The main pests of veterinary concern are sucking and biting lice, biting flies, non biting muscoid flies, bot flies, fleas, and Acari (mites and ticks). A number of serious animal disease agents are transmitted by these arthropods. The worst of these are tropical, and they cause death and heavy production losses in the affected countries.

This collection is designed to highlight the various pests that plague our four-legged companions and domesticated animals, including horses, dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, sheep, cattle, etc. This teaching kit includes 30 common external and internal parasites which are responsible for sickness and death across a variety of mammal species. All specimens come in labeled alcohol vials.

Preservation OptionAlcohol


Specimens sold in alcohol are sent in clear, archival-quality glass vials with poly-seal caps to prevent evaporation. They are sent with alcohol-proof, typed specimen data labels.

Preservation Upgrade

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