Inopus rubriceps

Inopus rubriceps, known generally as the sugarcane soldier fly or Australian soldier fly, is a species of soldier fly in the family Stratiomyidae. The fly acts as a host for the parasitoid wasps Neurogalesus carinatus and Neurogalesus militis. The species causes damage to pasture, as well as oat and maize crops, however the degree of damage it causes means it is not considered a major pest. Though native to South East Queensland and northern New South Wales areas in Australia, its introduced range includes California and New Zealand.

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OriginUSA (CA)
Common NamesSugarcane Soldier Fly
Preservation OptionAlcohol


Specimens sold in alcohol are sent in clear, archival-quality glass vials with poly-seal caps to prevent evaporation. They are sent with alcohol-proof, typed specimen data labels.

Preservation Upgrade

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