Ctenocephalides felis

Many people find flea bites are nothing more than a small, itchy mark, but others can experience an extreme reaction, especially children. Fleas an be extremly difficult to erradicate due to their ability to remain dormant in buildings over long periods. It is not uncommon for properties which have remained empty for up to a year to suddenly break out in a flea infestation for apparently no reason. Cat fleas can transmit parasites and infections to dogs/cats and also to humans. The most prominent of these are Bartonella, murine typhus, Rickettsia felis, and apedermatitis. The tapeworm Dipylidium caninum can also be transmitted when an immature flea is swallowed by pets or humans.

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Common NamesCat Flea
Preservation OptionAlcohol


Specimens sold in alcohol are sent in clear, archival-quality glass vials with poly-seal caps to prevent evaporation. They are sent with alcohol-proof, typed specimen data labels.

Preservation Upgrade

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