Oulema melanopus

O. melanopus consumes nearly all cereal crops, but has a strong affinity for oats, barley, and rye, and its favorite host is wheat. Alternatives are corn, sorghum, and sudangrass for adults, and wild oats, quackgrass, timothy, canary grass, reed canary grass, annual and perennial ryegrass, foxtail, orchard grass, wild rye, smooth brome, and fescues for the whole lifespan. The physical symptoms of the plant caused by them are thin, long lines where the upper epidermis of the leaf has been eaten. Since the beetle is migratory when it eats, it is not consistent within a field.

Image used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Attribute: U.Schmidt, 2020

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Common NamesCereal Leaf Beetle
Preservation OptionAlcohol


Specimens sold in alcohol are sent in clear, archival-quality glass vials with poly-seal caps to prevent evaporation. They are sent with alcohol-proof, typed specimen data labels.

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