Diaprepes abbreviatus

Hosts include: Citrus, avocado, and nursery stock. It is also known to infest sugarcane, tuber-bearing crops such as potatoes, and ornamental plants.

In 1964 this weevil was accidentally introduced in the US, state of Florida, where it is at present a major pest of citrus. It was first discovered in southern California in 2005, where it is a pest of citrus, avocado, and nursery stock. In Texas it was found in the Rio Grande Valley in 2000, resulting in a 2001 quarantine, and then in 2009 around Houston. Another sighting in 2019 confirms that it is still in the area. Another sighting in Pearland, TX in June of 2022.

Image from the public domain.

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OriginUSA, Puerto Rico
Common NamesDiaprepes Root Weevil, Citrus Root Weevil, Sugarcane Rootstock Borer Weevil
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